Dalhousie University – Virtual Map

Dalhousie University (Dal) has over 18,500 students at two campus locations in Halifax and Truro. There are three campuses in Halifax, which include 180 programs and 11 faculties. Because of the large size of the student population and the distance between campuses, many new students encounter problems finding their way around. Dal uses the slogan “live well,learn well and lead well”, and this should also be reflected in the students’ experiences when they first arrive on campus. Therefore, I plan to design a virtual map that includes the locations of Faculties, departments, campus services and other university amenities to help new students become familiar with the Dal campus as quickly as possible. Using this information, I designed a virtual map based on Dalhousie’s campus map on its website. Finally, I chose to create a video to promote this design project and guide students on how to use the virtual map.